To ensure the safety of our customers and staff we are returning to to-go orders and limited seating only.

 Menu for the week of July 13, 2020



Black-Eyed Peas $4.99

Lucky black-eyed peas and greens simmered with ham and served with a side of spicy slangjang and cornbread.


Fig Salad   $10.99  (G)

By popular demand! Fresh figs stuffed with goat cheese, served on a bed of greens, with prosciutto rosettes, spiced pecans, slivered onions and balsamic reduction

Curried Chicken Salad   $7.99 (G)

Tender chunks of chicken, celery, purple onion and capers folded into a creamy tarragon dressing.


Asian Slaw   $4.99 small, $7.99 large (V)

Green and Napa cabbage and green onion dressed in Asian vinaigrette with almonds, sesame seeds and crispy noodles.


Broccoli Salad   $5.50 (G)]

Fresh crunchy broccoli, raisins, crispy bacon and

sunflower seeds in a sweet-tart dressing.


Deviled Eggs      $.99 (G, V)

Classic with Dijon mustard and capers.


Linda’s Signature Salad   $5.99 small $9.99 large

Fresh greens, house-spiced pecans, cranberries and bleu cheese in Linda’s balsamic vinaigrette. (G, V)




Shishito Peppers   $5.99  (G, V+)

These little peppers are delicious and great as an appetizer or side dish. Sauteed in olive oil, with a drop of sesame, and seasoned with Maldon salt and Japanese furikake.


Sautéed Okra and Tomatoes   $4.99  (G)

Fresh locally grown tomatoes and okra, sliced and sautéed with sweet onions, then sprinkled with bacon!


Acorn Squash and Sprouts  $4.99 (G, V, V+)

Acorn squash and Brussels sprouts, roasted and tossed with maple syrup, Dijon and pecans. Haunted with notes of nutmeg and cinnamon.


Spinach Rice Timbale   $5.50 (G, V)

Twice Baked Potato   $5.99   (G, V)

Very large russet swirled with butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese and green onion.



Trout Amandine   $15.99 

Tender, pan-seared rainbow trout in a lemon-butter sauce with sautéed almonds, parsley and capers.  Served with herbed rice.


Fennel Pork Tenderloin $12.99 (G)

A classic Italian entrée  of seared pork tenderloin dusted in

crushed fennel seed and braised with silky fresh fennel and

white wine.  Served with garlic-parmesan mashed potatoes.


Eggplant Blintz    $10.99   (V)

A recipe from our Russian friend, Elena, this elegant blintz enfolding sautéed eggplant and mushrooms is lightly sautéed and topped with sour cream.


Pollo Mango   $12.99

Grilled chicken breast seasoned with cumin and chile powder, topped with mango-avocado pico de gallo and served with herbed rice.

Sweet Mustard-Glazed Salmon   $15.99 (G)

Pan-seared Atlantic salmon glazed with mustard and brown sugar.  Served over sautéed fresh spinach.


Mongolian Back Ribs   $12.99

These are special!  Glazed in hoisin-ginger sauce and smoked over pecan wood, these babies fall off the bone.


Brisket Quesadilla   $10.99

Jimmy’s pecan-smoked brisket, grilled onions, cilantro, and Monterey Jack folded into a flour tortilla. Served with pico.


Southwest Meatloaf     $10.99

Individual servings of ground beef and pork, corn, tomatoes and bell peppers topped with cheddar cheese. Served with garlic-parmesan mashed potatoes.


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